Minh Hiep Dannerstedt

Minh Hiep Dannerstedt  


My background is in philosophy and spirituality studies and research. My activities include teaching languages and interpreting, . I do a lot of work in Europe and many countries in the world apart from the United States.

My first “Why” is the support of my 4 children, and beyond that, it expands to the huge opportunity to contribute to bring significance to my community and society through my daily activities. Nu Skin crossed my path as a gift to live my dreams and aspirations. I enjoy being a part of Nu Skin who is bringing their part to the world with the scientists' latest discoveries. There is a big hope for humanity in wellness and quality of life and I believe that it is our responsibility to share with the world!


The success that I have seen has come from the people. On my path, I have met people who share the same vision and aspirations as mine. The secret? Communication and care from everyone and the sincerity from our heart in believing that people who embrace this opportunity can achieve their dreams and goals, strengthened with commitment and leadership from each person of the Nu Skin Team.  We are a part of a whole.