Meixia Zheng

Meixia Zheng


As a cashier at her mother’s restaurant, Meixia Zheng was working 10 hour days when a customer suggested that she might like to try a spa system from Nu Skin. Intrigued by this offer, Meixia soon found herself loving the different products offered by Nu Skin. When she discovered that people were interested in her story, she wanted to know how she too could sell the product. “I bought the spa for my own use, but after sharing my experience with my friends in person and online, I saw a lot of people interested in the product. Seeing the positive results of the product, I knew that this could be a great opportunity for me.”


Before joining Nu Skin Meixia set some personal goals that she wanted to achieve within five years. She now realizes that Nu Skin has offered her the flexibility to focus on these goals, while growing as a leader. The most important thing for Meixia now is feeling like she has a purpose. “When I was working those long days, I never felt like I was living up to my potential. I couldn’t see the beauty of the world around me. Now I am pushed every day to be better, and I now see the potential of my team as we work towards a common goal.”


Because of her experience when she first qualified to attend an incentive trip, the focus for Meixia and her team have been the Success Trips. Meixia has realized that by working as a team towards common goals they are able to accomplish more and excel at a higher level than if they were working as individuals. “As leaders, to be successful we need to stand firm at the forefront, and Nu Skin will support us from behind. We work as a team, growing and solving problems together, and encouraging each other during difficult times. This is what team work is all about.”