Matthew & Rhonda Musser

Matthew & Rhonda Musser


Working hard to achieve one’s goals is a key element of success for every distributor, and few exemplify that trait more than Matthew and Rhonda Musser. Raised in Pennsylvania, Matthew grew up around diesel mechanics and was fascinated with technology from a young age, eventually turning his fascination into a career. Rhonda, herself an intrinsically motivated individual, also began employment at a young age with a cleaning company her family owned. Working for many physicians and other professionals and witnessing their abundance fueled Rhonda’s desire to secure a financially sound and healthier life for herself and her future family. After their year-long courtship, Matthew and Rhonda sealed their love with a vow of marriage and made a conscious decision to find a way to greater prosperity. During their time together, the couple discovered that they shared a common commitment to helping people achieve healthier, happier lives and believed that an opportunity to leverage this passion would present itself.


Upon their introduction to the Biophotonic Scanner and Pharmanex product line, Matthew and Rhonda were initially skeptical. However, they decided that they needed a personal experience with the products to rule them out completely. After trying out the scanner, the couple was convinced of the efficacy of the products and was doubly excited to share their success with others. They enrolled in the business and quickly sought to become scan operators to forge a venture founded on the principle of supporting wellness in others’ lives.


Throughout the course of their considerable efforts, Matthew and Rhonda have been able to see changes in their own lives and the lives of those they introduce to Nu Skin. They have been hard at work building their business for the last several years and hope to soon devote all their time to developing their organization. Amidst their trials and successes, they’ve cultivated a positive mindset and a fierce determination to stay the course. “We’ve had to learn to let go of negative past experiences and just keep moving forward one step at a time, especially when it’s difficult” states Rhonda. “Nothing is impossible. The only limitations are the constraints we place on ourselves. We know that we can do whatever we set our heart and mind to accomplish.”


In the process of becoming Executive leaders, they have learned valuable lessons, and one in particular has had powerful resonance – fostering a relationship with their Account Manager. By keeping in regular contact with their corporate partner, the couple has found consistent encouragement and effective guiding principles. “As we strive towards our goal of becoming Ruby later this year, we focus our efforts on finding those who are looking to build their own business and we are buoyed by the constant support of our Account Manager. They are an incredible resource for staying tuned into effective behaviors and best practices.”