Luz Penagos & Sergio Gomez

Luz Penagos & Sergio Gomez


Hailing from Medellin, Colombia, Luz Penagos has led a successful career as a hairstylist for the past 26 years while her husband, Sergio Gomez, has successfully built his own photography business for over two decades. Luz and Sergio eventually decided to immigrate to Orlando, Florida, where they have spent the past 18 years establishing their careers state side and raising their three children: Kirsten, Ansley, and Sergey.


Upon arrival to the United States, Luz and Sergio were invited to join Nu Skin through a friend. While Sergio was fascinated by Nu Skin and the incredible results the products produced, Luz did not feel the business was for her. It was not until Luz had a client show her the results of the Facial Spa that Luz was able to connect Nu Skin with her passion for beauty. “I never thought I was going to have a second chance with Nu Skin. Although it took me a while, I was finally able to see the value of the products that helped combat the effects of aging. My husband was able to envision a business with Nu Skin and was motivated to begin the journey. Nu Skin came knocking on our door, and I am so happy we answered the call this time.”


Luz was met with difficulty as she tried to navigate the unfamiliar road of direct selling. Notwithstanding, it was the hope of being able to help provide for their children’s education, and the freedom to spend quality time with their family that pushed Luz and Sergio to conquer their oppositions. “Sergio was able to be the visionary for our organization as I accompanied him on this venture. When you are growing in a business, it can feel comfortable at times when the sun shines for everyone. But the wind can also blow at times and when it rains, it falls on everyone. You have to accept adversity as part of your growth and know these are the steps that you have to climb on the ladder to success. I knew it might not be easy but in the end if we continued to work together, it would all be worth it.”


Luz and Sergio already have a few Success Trips under their belt and plan to continue using these incentives in order to grow their organization.  “With the help of our Executive leaders and partners, we plan to build to our business until we achieve Blue Diamond.” Luz and Sergio love the positive fundamentals Nu Skin maintains while creating a transparent corporate culture. They feel this positivity has helped them generate confidence in their decision to start their business, find customers and gain a positive outlook for their future successes with Nu Skin