Kennerly Clay



Having established a thriving career as a professional writer, editor, and owner of a marketing communication business, Kennerly Clay was well acquainted with success. While visiting Kobe, Japan, she visited with a former college roommate who broached the topic of the Nu Skin opportunity. Although she was not looking for another venture at the time, she was readily impressed by her friend’s message and experience with the company.


Upon returning to the States, Kennerly decided to join Nu Skin and began building her team, albeit slowly. With her immediate sponsor and up lines residing in Japan, the challenge of training and regular communication proved cumbersome. Unsure on how to proceed with the business, she attended a training event in Provo, Utah, where a leader, Donna Eckwortzel, said something to her that changed her entire perspective, “YOU are the leader. YOU start the meeting!”


Inspired, Kennerly returned to nurturing her fledgling business, taking a more proactive role in leading distributor gatherings, building a team, reading books and participating in trainings. Over time this resulted in a powerful transformation in her mindset as Kennerly found herself growing in confidence and better utilizing her natural charisma. She reveals, “Nu Skin is the great catalyst for the personal development journey that I’m on. For that, I am tremendously grateful. The business simply makes me a better human being.”


When faced with adversity, Kennerly rallies by revisiting her ‘why’ – to set people free, mentally, emotionally, and financially. “We live in the land of opportunity, but I have learned that rarely do we actually pursue opportunity to its fullest. For the people who want freedom and are willing to work for it, my dream is to help them catch vision for their lives that will alter their entire future. Nu Skin is the vehicle to the life they forgot how to imagine.”


As a Ruby, Kennerly is actively working towards achieving Emerald status by continuing to prospect new leaders on a weekly basis. In addition, she takes extra time and effort to foster her current team members and encourage them to become Fit Executives, with solid organizations and steady streams of sales volume through recurring purchases. While challenged by these tasks, she remains optimistic. Kennerly beams, “Some people may say ‘I don’t like sales’ or ‘this is too difficult’, but what I think they’re really saying is ‘I don’t like to be uncomfortable’. The secret is that on the other side of uncomfortable are miracles and fulfillment, beyond anything you can imagine for your life.”