Jinsil Kim

Jinsil Kim


An interior designer by trade, Jinsil Kim enjoyed a satisfying and successful career. While invested in her profession, there was a moment when reflecting upon her employment that she asked herself a difficult question “Will this path ultimately lead to the lifestyle I want?” She realized that the answer was no, particularly because she knew her job would require a large amount of time away from her family. Inspired, she began looking for an exit strategy from this inflexible situation.


During this period of contemplation, her close friend, Erin, reached out and introduced Jinsil to Nu Skin. Convinced after witnessing a demonstration of the products and business opportunity, Jinsil aligned herself with Erin and began assembling her own team and retailing product to customers. Their social time together transformed into “business building” time, which proved just as fun and strengthened their bond as friends.


Jinsil still fondly remembers the triumph of creating her first Executive down line. “As a result, helping others became my mantra. Teaching down lines to care and tend to the needs of their teams and their customers has been instrumental to my success. We only thrive in this business when others prosper as well.”


Motivated by this attitude of service, Jinsil began working diligently to qualify herself and her key leaders for the Hawaii Success Trip. Never having experienced a traditional honeymoon, she was doubly motivated to go on the trip that she might treat her husband and celebrate their marriage in paradise. Her efforts paid off and the two spent nearly a week on the Big Island, surrounded by team members and friends.


Jinsil’s next goal is twofold: attain Blue Diamond status while multiplying new Rubies within her organization. This multi-pronged effort will enable more of her group to attend the next Success Trip with her, uniting them in both business and recreation. Jinsil plans on achieving this goal through focusing on “…consistency. You have to work on your business every day. Master the fundamentals and continue to improve yourself. That hard work pays off is no secret. In life, some people can be accidentally successful, but you can’t be accidentally passionate.”