Jingyan Zheng

Jingyan Zheng


Blessed with the opportunity to work for her family’s business after graduation from university, Jingyan Zheng had a career that many would envy – stable, generous, and safe. As time passed, she began to recognize that success, in her estimation, required something beyond her family’s fortunes. Eager to build a business of her own, she gracefully exited her parents’ employ and began searching for a profession that would bring her the degree of success she craved.


Around the time she completed immigration to Canada, Jingyan was introduced to Nu Skin’s revolutionary skincare and wellness products. Impressed and intrigued, she began learning about the business behind the products. The compensation plan and success trip incentives, coupled with the concept of building a business that could help her earn a rewarding income, proved to be powerful motivation to consider the opportunity seriously.


Getting started proved difficult logistically as Jingyan lived in Toronto, while her upline leader, Amy, resided across the country in Vancouver. Beginning her training as an Executive remotely through internet sessions and conference calls, she remained determined despite the inconvenience and obstacles of a long distance mentor/mentee relationship. Jingyan’s efforts paid off as she made product sales and signed up her first breakaway Executive soon after starting her business. “Having her join my organization is what made me into a leader. I felt an abiding responsibility to be a good example for her. It was up to me to help her and others realize the opportunity that awaited them in joining my team!”


Jingyan’s accomplishment of becoming Blue Diamond did not slow her down. She commits to working ten hours each day at her business, laser-focused on her goals. Regarding her title advancement, she shares “I took to the challenge with a joyful and eager mindset. If my upline hadn’t encouraged me to stretch a little bit farther with my ambition, I would never have understood how much I can personally accomplish. I’m eternally grateful to her gentle and well-intentioned nudging to become someone greater. The secret is to learn that for yourself, internalize it. Then your potential will naturally unfold before you.”