Jianying Xu



Jianying Xu originally joined Nu Skin for the remarkable supplements offered through the Pharmanex product line. Her frequent usage and energizing results led to a natural progression of sharing the products with close friends and associates. What she did not expect was finding that her unique, personal testimonial had power and conviction to bring others into the business.


Despite her success, her foray into building towards Executive and beyond was not immediately fruitful.  Jianying spent several years developing and nurturing her business, but was unable to make it to Ruby due to consistent setbacks and challenges. Frustrated, but relentless in the pursuit of her dream of forging a lasting Nu Skin business, she attended an international corporate event.  Witnessing the message, culture, and power present in that meeting changed everything and “My eyes were finally opened and my vision for what I could achieve became crystal clear. What creates success? What allows one to actually achieve their dreams? It starts with the simplest idea that you can do it.”


With that change in mindset, Jianying began to furiously foster her business with renewed gusto and clear purpose. While the challenges that plagued her previously remained, she achieved her initial goal of reaching Ruby through continuous hard work and her new positive attitude. “My problems did not evaporate or become easier. While I was blessed with some good fortune, the biggest factor was my changed perspective – failure was no longer an option and I was certain that I had the potential and the toolset to make my dreams a reality.”


Her transformation did not stop with Ruby as her passion fueled her onward, eventually reaching Blue Diamond in late 2013. Now Jianying works diligently to help strengthen her down lines’ organizations and aid them in building a strong customer base and advancing in title, all in pursuit of constructing a true Nu Skin 3.0 team. Looking back, she reflects “It was the simple combination of belief, pure intent, and hard work that I was able to achieve all of this. And perhaps it is intention that has had the greatest impact on my success. When you nurture and carry the intent to make a positive difference in someone else’s life, when your sole reason for doing what you do is to bless and enrich the lives of others, you naturally begin to find success.”