Jenni Bui

Jenni Bui


Being the only child of a middle class family, Jenni Bui always found herself with “enough.” Whether it was enough to eat, clothes to wear, money to spend, Jenni was never left with a feeling of deficiency. “Even though I was young, I still understood that us having extra food on the table meant my father would have to work a late night, or that a new dress for me meant my mother had picked up extra shifts at work.” Jenni learned first-hand the importance of dedication and work ethic.


 Growing up in Vietnam, Jenni had always dreamed of living in a bustling American city, with sparkling lights, skyscrapers, and friendly people. However, upon moving to the United States at 10 years old, Jenni’s vision died out rapidly. Touching down in the snowy airport of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, this place was far from Jenni’s ideas of the American life. “Instead of what I hoped, I was surrounded by empty fields, livestock, plows, and meat companies. However, living in America did give me something I was not expecting: strength. I grew stronger as I cared for my mother, worked late nights collecting the carts at the supermarket, attended school, and waited tables to help pay my bills.” After 12 years of living in America and working hard every day, Jenni graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, hoping this would be the key to wealth.


Upon graduation, Jenni moved out to California unsure how to survive in such an expensive area. After two years, Jenni became accustomed to another cycle of living with barely “enough.” Jenni was unhappy living paycheck-to-paycheck. “Even my boss who had plenty of money still did not live a life I dreamed: busy with work for 20 years, only to still not have enough free time for his family. I knew I needed to break the cycle and find another way for my life.”  Jenni’s opportunity to break away came when she was introduced to Nu Skin by a new friend. Although hesitant at first, Jenni was convinced when she visited Nu Skin’s headquarters in Provo, Utah, six months after hearing about the company. “I found the answer to my problems and a new goal for my life. I decided to take the opportunity to start a business like I always dreamed about.”


As a 23 year old with no prior business experience, Jenni crossed many obstacles. “I began to fail so many times that I wanted to quit. However, I was lucky enough to work with inspiring leaders who believed in me and helped me to discover my own potential.” Nu Skin has helped Jenni become a strong person, with confidence to achieve whatever she puts her mind to. Jenni now has a strong customer base and leads a hard-working team, with energy to conquer what’s in front of her.  Jenni insists on growing her organization so that she can create a stable income. With goals of freedom for herself and to help her family members live a more comfortable lifestyle, Jenni is happy she was able to build a solid foundation with Nu Skin at times when it seemed like everything was falling down on her.