Elaine Pauly



Possessed with a desire to see more of the world, Elaine Pauly left her small town upbringing and ventured out on her own. She attended university, and upon graduation took off for Boston in search of a career. In the process of looking for employment, she discovered her natural gift for connecting with people on a meaningful level, which lead to her first job on a 500 person sales team. “I knew I was trailblazing and grateful for the opportunity to show others that given the chance, they could succeed in fields where others had not yet passed.”


Years later, after a career in corporate marketing and business consulting, when a friend recommended she try out Nu Skin’s Facial Spa, she agreed out of obligation for her friend. “I wasn’t really expecting anything from the spa. I was completely taken back when I saw the results.”


After experiencing the spa for herself, she wanted to learn everything she could about the company. She traveled to Utah and attended Team Elite University, which cemented her commitment to this new business venture. “What attracted me to Nu Skin? The entire package: Integrity, strong leadership and ethics, intelligent product development, products that deliver on their promises, the company’s genuine concern for their distributor network, and a strong resolve to contribute and make a difference in the world. Nu Skin is an exceptional organization that I am proud to represent.”


When she meets potential prospects who are hesitant as she initially was, Elaine advises them “Many say they are not good at selling. The most important thing I have come to understand is that our intention is to help others get what they want out of life; whether it is to look younger, feel healthier, manage their weight, improve their fitness, or make money. When I am helping others meet their needs I experience the greatest satisfaction.”


Building a thriving organization of customers and distributors hasn’t been without its challenges. Spending the majority of her multiple careers being very independent, constructing and leading a team has proven to be her greatest challenge. Through trial and error, she has learned that each member has an individual journey that is uniquely theirs and it is her privilege to inspire them to discover, embrace, and move forward on the path before them.


As she continues to advance in title and reach her goals, Elaine keeps focused because of her resounding, personal ‘why’. “My why is simple: to create freedom happier life for myself and others. I see Nu Skin as the perfect vehicle that allows each of us to accomplish this. I look for those extraordinary people who want more in life and are willing to do the work necessary to achieve their dreams.”