Eileen Tansey



Having an expansive career, spanning multiple countries and industries, Eileen Tansey has experienced success repeatedly throughout her life. For the past 20 years, Eileen and her husband Phil had a real estate business which proved lucrative until 2009. With the pressures on the North American economy, coupled with the realization that they had no real leverage in their business, Eileen was inspired to seriously consider a shift in careers.


Her curiosity piqued by direct selling, Eileen explored another opportunity before discovering Nu Skin. While impressed with Nu Skin’s commitment to science and innovation, what truly convinced Eileen to join efforts with the company was its alignment with her mission to transform peoples’ lives. “We want to be a force for good in the world, making a difference in others’ lives, and leave a legacy worth remembering. I love that through the process of creating freedom for ourselves we mutually help other people to achieve the same degree of success. It’s the ultimate win-win.”


Enthused, yet disciplined, Eileen is building her organization through a system of goal setting and accountability with each member of her team. Now framing their goals around the opportunity renewal strategy, and specifically the LTO, her team is working hard to grow their product sales during each six-month business cycle. The Success Trip incentive has proven to be a powerful motivator as well. “Having experienced the joy of the Bermuda trip, I’ve resolved to work diligently to never miss another trip. And knowing what qualifying for the trips has done for me personally, I’ve committed to bringing as many team members as possible with me next time!”


Eileen points to another advantage Nu Skin provides that has made all the difference in her business – “We are not alone. From the moment we join, we have leaders who are vested in our success. We are a team, and the acronym for that is ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’. When we embrace this philosophy good things happen. I’ve seen it unfold in my organization, with coordinated efforts and shared triumphs.”