Dewey Gray

Dewey Gray


For many people, the life of an international airline pilot seems glamourous. For Dewey Gray the glamour lost much of its luster when he realized he was spending 18 days a month away from his home and family. Growing up in a small town in Tennessee, Dewey was always passionate about airplanes and soon found himself working at the local airport. By the time he was in college, he had earned his pilot license and was instructing others to fly. After graduation, he found himself flying F-16’s for the US Air Force and after 24 years in the military, he returned to civilian life as an airline pilot for a major US carrier.


Dewey is no stranger to working diligently and interacting with people to achieve his goals. In fact, that is one of the main reasons he was drawn to the Nu Skin opportunity. “I realized that by combining the networking opportunities of an airline pilot with the power of the Nu Skin products and opportunity, I could really make a difference in my world. Once that clicked in my head, I began using my time away from home as an occasion to change people’s lives.”


Through consistent and focused goal setting, Dewey has been able to work with his upline to create a strong consumer base and is also becoming a leader in his own right. By learning listening and communication skills, Dewey has not only become a better leader to his team, but a better husband to his wife Karen. As with navigating the airways, he knows that there will be challenges and adversity. “In every flight there will be obstacles. But I know before I ever get in the pilot’s seat that each flight is going to end with a landing, and I know exactly where that landing will be. I know where I want to take my business, and once I land at my destination I will check-in with myself and see where my next flight in this business will take me.”


Dewey’s future goals revolve around spending more time with his wife and family. He realizes anything worthwhile takes determination and hard work, and the same is true as he promotes the Nu Skin products and opportunity. By focusing on his motivation, and diligently working towards his goals, Dewey is convinced he will continue to find like-minded people through his travels. “In order to succeed you need to get really clear on where you are going, and believe it with absolute conviction. Don’t stop until you arrive at your destination. Go there because you said you would, that is enough.”