Caryn Fitzgerald

Caryn & Rick Fitzgerald


Over the years, Caryn FitzGerald has proven to be one of our strongest and most resilient distributors in Texas. She and her husband, Rick, have worked diligently, achieved many goals, and enjoyed the Hawaii Success Trip as their team has expanded.


The couple joined Nu Skin in 2010 after making the decision to search for “A vehicle which would allow us to create a potentially durable business.” After decades training and working in various other network marketing companies, Caryn was introduced to Nu Skin by a friend who told her “You owe it to yourself to see what is going on here.” From that point forward, they have been committed and have not looked back. She confidently explains, “Nu Skin offered the vehicle we were looking for. The exclusivity of products, the constant innovation, and the potential that Nu Skin offers has seeped deep into my blood. It was like a match was lit underneath me and I took off full-force!”


When asked what some of the keys to her success are, Caryn readily shares her formula. “I focus on daily action steps, as each one brings me closer to the achievement of both small goals and big dreams. It's all about helping others to live their best life. And when that is the focus, we are all abundantly rewarded." 


Caryn and Rick believe that Nu Skin has changed their lives for the better. Caryn beams, “When my daughter says, ‘Wow, Mom, it’s really cool that you can be here and you don’t have to go to an office job like other moms…’ my heart smiles, as it reinforces all the sacrifices I am making to create a better life for all of us. Nu Skin has given me the freedom I desire. I am thankful every day for the opportunity I have with this company – to live life on my terms!”