Andy Lau & Thanh Phan

Andy Lau & Thanh Phan


Hailing from humble farming beginnings in Vietnam, Andy Lau and Thanh Phan have travelled and transformed considerably in their journey of success. Immigrating to United States in the 90’s, they both have experienced numerous challenges in their quest to establish themselves professionally and personally.


Having entertained several careers, Andy and Thanh have learned the value and costs of hard work. After years and multiple startups, the couple found success with nail salon business. While they enjoyed the ability to provide for their growing family, the thirteen hour days and six-day work week began to take its toll. “At the end of the day, we would look into our children’s eyes and wonder ‘If we keep this up for another fifteen years, will they still know us? Will they still love us?’ We both knew that a change was necessary and that we had to find a profession that allowed for us to be there for those we loved most.”


When the couple discovered network marketing, they were immediately captivated by the potential time flexibility this new style of business provided. Andy began spending his evenings, after a long day at the salon, working alongside his up line to retail product and to prospect and invite friends to come listen to the Nu Skin opportunity. “Sacrifice is required to gain the things that matter most. Holding a full-time job, while building your organization, is doable if you are committed and have a plan. It’s critical to work in tandem with your team – there’s no other way to succeed.”


As the couple faces trials regularly in the business, they recommit to their ‘why’ – their children. “If we had kept to our old career, our lives would have remained the same. We would have spent our days treading water and probably wouldn’t have grown to the degree that we have with Nu Skin. Staying stagnant and just getting by, at the expense of time with our loved ones… I shudder to think how much we might have missed in life had we never made the decision to dream.”


Having achieved said dream and reaching Blue Diamond, Andy and Thanh now set their sights on new goals to aid their team in gaining the same measure of success and purpose. “There are so many people out there struggling and needing our help. It’s time we took action to see that their lives share the blessings of this incredible opportunity.”