Amy Ngo and Que Nguyen

Amy Ngo and Que Nguyen


Career transitions rarely express the magnitude of change that Amy Ngo’s did. Beginning her professional employment as a biology teacher in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, she experienced a radical transformation when she immigrated to California and became a real-estate producer. Having secured a more rewarding life for her family, her daughter Que Nguyen flourished as well, blazing her own trail by earning both a Bachelor of Science in Physics Engineering and a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics.


Having accomplished much in their various fields, this mother and daughter combination were not actively looking for additional careers in direct sales. When presented with the opportunity, Amy’s interest was immediately piqued by the tremendous potential that Nu Skin offers. Not long after, Amy attended Global Convention and returned home to share her enthusiasm with Que. Her daughter found inspiration to sign up when she met with top leaders and learned of their individual success stories.


Believing that Nu Skin was the right opportunity, Amy and Que formed a private corporation and enrolled as a partnership. Their first course of action was to learn the fundamentals of the industry. To do so, they leaned heavily upon their up line leadership for instruction. Both mother and daughter quickly discovered that there were two elements crucial to their success: successfully duplicating their up line’s behaviors and leveraging the power of social media.


Duplication proved to be essential as Amy and Que’s expanding team needed an easily communicated and replicated way of doing the business. By emulating their up line’s traits and manner of retailing the products and building the business, their family business blossomed. “Following your leaders’ examples and system is critical. If you trust in their experience and established program, you will find that beginning in this business is simpler than you initially imagined.”


In showing their team how to effectively utilize social media platforms to foster teamwork and communicate with each other, as well as sharing with prospects remotely, these partners found greater success. “You have to coach your team in the finer art of social media. Without this powerful tool, you are likely to miss out on individuals who would otherwise be interested in the products. Even more importantly, by nurturing a more robust and regular online presence you ensure that you are staying ahead of the curve and competition. While it may prove challenging at first to educate some of your distributor team in these platforms, it is vital that you modernize the way you communicate and conduct your business.”


Having reached their first milestone by qualifying for the Jackson Hole Success Trip as Ruby Stars, Amy and Que continued their accomplishments by qualifying for the Punta Cana Success Trip as Emerald Star Creators. For these achievements and more, Amy and Que were recently recognized by being selected as participants in the “We Are Nu Skin” video series. Join us in celebrating their tremendous efforts and success!