Amanda Xiao Chen

Amanda Xiao Chen


Working as the head of a successful child care center, Amanda Xiao Chen found herself spending more and more time at work, while allowing her family life to suffer. Amanda was ready for a change. Sometime thereafter, she was introduced to Nu Skin products by a close friend who also happened to be her sister. “My sister shared a short video about Nu Skin with me and my instinct told me this was a great opportunity. I had been using the products already and knew they were of high quality, so it wasn’t difficult to imagine myself selling the products to others.”


Initially, Amanda was only partially working on building her business. She would sell product here and there, but never felt like she had much success. After attending Global Convention, she realized that if she wanted to succeed, she needed to set goals and work on achieving those goals. “I remember sitting in the audience, watching all these amazing leaders share their success stories, and thinking, ‘What do I need to accomplish to get there.’ I set goals, and learned from my team members. Eventually I began to see small levels of success.”


As she continues to revise and set goals, Amanda can see the support she received throughout the journey from her upline, the company, and her team. Now she wants to be that supportive figure in her own organization. “I have learned that Nu Skin and distributors are all on the same team. We need to work hard together and love each team member so that others may see the value of Nu Skin through us. By having a helping mentality for our team, we learn and grow together. I hope to stay forever teammates with these wonderful people.”