Ada Wong

Ada Wong


Ada Wong, has established herself as an influential member of our distributor force. She has spent the majority of her career as a flight attendant, ensuring a comfortable, regular voyage between Hong Kong and Vancouver, BC for each of her passengers. This extensive international travel fostered a love for meeting new people and a vast network of friends and contacts.


Amidst her travels, Ada became friends with Team Elite Philip Cheung. Over the course of many years they spent a considerable amount of time travelling together across the Pacific. However, it was only nine months ago when flying to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that Ada finally attended one of Philip’s landmark seminars and discovered firsthand the potential of the Nu Skin opportunity.


Ada began to develop her Nu Skin business part time, “but with a full time attitude.” She spent considerable effort to learn from Philip and other leaders and implement their duplication strategies for growing her network of customers and distributors seamlessly into her organization. This has invigorated Ada, inspiring her to exclaim “Because of Nu Skin, I find my days happier. I’m full of energy each morning when I wake up and then I’m off, chasing my dreams until it’s time for bed.”


And it’s not just those dreams and the success she has found that motivates her daily – it’s the commitment to becoming a force for good. This drive to aid those in need and shape the world for the better through her business is what inspires her to overcome the recurring challenges in her way, while  defining her personal vision for success.


“Believe. Follow. Cooperate” has become her mantra in her short time with the company and the results are evidenced in her flourishing organization. We are excited to partner with Ada as she further develops into an astounding Nu Skin leader.