Distributor Success Stories | Nu SKin

Distributor Success Stories | Nu SKin


Thang & Tracey Dang

“We wouldn't have got to where we are today if we didn't set goals since the inception of our team.  We made specific goals and held ourselves accountable every week, every month, every year.”


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Helena Lee

“My sister gave me a box of Life Pak Women and it totally changed my perspective towards the product and even the business"


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Yu Jia Yang & Zhong Wei Huang

"I set goals for myself. I kept trying to find new ways to succeed."


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Jessica Acosta and Heridia Escalante

“No excuses. If you believe it, believe.”


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Claire Wenqi Liu

“With the change that the Nu Skin products brought me, I began to think about selling these products myself. I decided to begin this business, even while being a full-time mother.”


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Vu Pham & Anh Nguyet Nguyen

"We pay the price long before we see the success. We always believed that if you can work hard enough and smart enough, your efforts will bear fruit.”


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Hayley Law

“Nu Skin’s opportunity confirms that through perseverance and consistent, hard-work anyone can achieve success. It’s not limited to one type of person. This business pushes you to succeed, while helping you grow.”


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Rebecca Morris

"I was very shy when I started, so I had to start slow to overcome my fear of talking to people.”


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Misook Chung

“I started Nu Skin because I knew it would develop my self-worth and confidence. I was scared at the beginning, but I had strong motivation.”


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Vivian Chen

“As a leader, it is imperative to maintain a positive attitude. What you say and do will affect your entire organization. I would like to help more of my team members become the best version of themselves.”


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Jun Yu

“Whenever I encounter difficulties, I look within myself and make sure that I have a positive mindset and mentality, and then I figure out how to overcome the challenge.”


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Amanda Xiao Chen

"I had been using the products already and knew they were of high quality, so it wasn’t difficult to imagine myself selling the products to others.”


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Fei Han

"Nu Skin is something that I believe in. I will not be influenced by negativity. Success is a matter of hard work and persistence."


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Fang Lin Chen

"I now know that I can work on my family and my business without sacrificing the quality of either."


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Liping Yuan

“After joining Nu Skin, my goals were to provide my son with the best education, improve my ability to develop others, and help other single moms develop the confidence to face the challenges of life.”


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Lawrence Tseng

"If you do not set goals for yourself, it is like not inputting an address in your navigation. You will take wrong turns, waste time, and never reach your destination."


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Syceil Xi Qian Zhang

“In my mind, my first real success came with attending the Success Trip. It convinced me that the decision I made was the right one.”


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Meixia Zheng

“As leaders, to be successful we need to stand firm at the forefront, and Nu Skin will support us from behind. We work as a team, growing and solving problems together, and encouraging each other during difficult times."


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Rachel Wenjuan Hou

“Life is full of joy and obstacles. I’m a true believer that success is built on failures and lessons."


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Xinyu Yao & Hong Cai

“We have regular meetings. We have regular trainings. We communicate as a team. As we align our goals more closely, we all grow as leaders."


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Henry & Abby Huang

"We are so grateful that our upline had the courage to step out of their comfort zone to share this message with us, even when we didn’t know we wanted it.”


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Dewey Gray

“In order to succeed you need to get really clear on where you are going, and believe it with absolute conviction. Don’t stop until you arrive at your destination. Go there because you said you would, that is enough.”


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"The amazing thing is that it is up to all of us whether or not we reach our goals. We have the power to make our dreams come true.”


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Christy Lieder

"If I did not believe in the products whole-heartedly, I would not be involved in the business."


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“I always had troubles with my skin and I finally found a solution that worked for me, through Nu Skin.”


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Luz Penagos & Sergio Gomez

"You have to accept adversity as part of your growth and know these are the steps that you have to climb on the ladder to success."


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Jenni Bui

“Even my boss who had plenty of money still did not live a life I dreamed: busy with work for 20 years, only to still not have enough free time for his family. I knew I needed to break the cycle and find another way for my life.” 


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Natalia Ramirez & Ricky Diaz

“One of the greatest lessons I have learned during my time with Nu Skin is to never underestimate anyone’s potential.”


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Yina Ochoa & Oscar Diaz

“With any opposition, two options are presented: to become stronger or not. Facing these challenges allowed me to realize my dream with Nu Skin. I did not need to listen to the negativity because I loved what I was doing, which proved to be stronger than any obstacle Oscar and I encountered along the way.”


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Clara Chung

“After attending distributor meetings alone for two days, I knew I had made the right decision. I envisioned where the Nu Skin business could take me if only I would put forth the effort. Since I was now raising four children by myself, I felt that Nu Skin was my only hope to have financial freedom while being allowed to manage my own schedule.”


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“Nu Skin is all about team work. In the end, helping others to achieve their goals will make you one step closer to achieving your own.”


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"If you want to succeed you need to know that it is not going to be smooth sailing the whole way. A good leader needs patience to build a team.”


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Helen Marie Fox

“I deal with obstacles by trusting there is always an opportunity to learn in every situation. I purposefully surround myself with people and circumstances that challenge me to grow and push me outside of my comfort zone.”


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“ To others struggling with obstacles and despair, she counsels “… believe in the power of agenda-free, honest, compassionate love. As long as we let love fill our hearts and actions, we will be assured in our convictions and we will radiate energy and passion. It’s so simple – focus on relationships and your business will bloom.” ”


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Angeline Moncayo

“It turned out to be an incredible experience because through these obstacles we were forced to adapt and grow. We jumped in with both feet and quickly discovered that we not only had a knack for this business, but that we thoroughly enjoyed it.”


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Guan Yun Lin

“However, I learned that failures are temporary and that they pave the path to success, if you can learn from them. This experience proved invaluable as it taught me the critical importance of never forsaking your dream, even when things appear dire.”


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Adaluz García

“A fear began to creep into me and I faced misgivings daily regarding my ability to run my own team. Still, I kept firm in my conviction and I kept coming back to the confidence Nu Skin inspired in me. I knew this was what I wanted to do. I also knew that at some point these phantoms of doubt would evaporate if I stood my ground and took action.”


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Unyoung Sullivan

“Simple behaviors can lead to tremendous results, if you are courageous enough to stay the course. You distinguish yourself from others when you make the decision to be successful and take daily measures to create that reality.”


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Ping Han Wang

“I used to think that being successful meant being well off. Nu Skin’s model of success is more comprehensive and is centered in helping other people. By aiding others, I am living this company’s mission to be a Force For Good and I can imagine no greater success than that.”


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Darla Cooke

“I can’t imagine my life without Nu Skin and those key leaders who have assisted me on my journey to abundance. I am forever grateful.”


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Amy Ngo and Que Nguyen

“Following your leaders’ examples and system is critical. If you trust in their experience and established program, you will find that beginning in this business isn’t as difficult as you initially imagined”


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Ying Tran

“That’s why I do this business – these lives transformed, these moments we share. They are infinitely more valuable than money.”


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Diane Patterson

“I know there are people out there searching for an opportunity like this. If I continue to concentrate on finding and working with these individuals, I am confident that I can not only achieve my ‘why’, but I can help others do the same.”


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Yao Zou

“When there are setbacks and challenges, what keeps me going is the reward of growth and transformation that occurs through learning to serve, to influence, and to lead."


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Yan Liang & Gang Wang

"As I continued to open my mouth and provide testimonials, my belief that I needed to share with everyone who would listen grew stronger."


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Vickie Sears & George Dick

“This company has enabled us to dream again and experience the opportunity to turn those aspirations into reality. Nu Skin is the vehicle for impacting countless lives.”


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Matthew & Rhonda Musser

“Nothing is impossible. The only limitations are the constraints we place on ourselves."


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Jing Jing Ye

"You only truly live when you make your own decisions about your life and how you’re going to live it.”


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Yan Hua Cen & Raymond Rong

"Commit to this philosophy and you will not only find success, but the unparalleled joys of gratitude and perspective.” 


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Mi Ae Hahn

My new vision is to transform into a great leader and live a beautiful, rich life full of abundance, all while blessing the lives of others. It’s so clear to me now that despite my circumstances, I still have time and opportunity to change my life and the world!”


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Veronica Bahn

"I had found what I was looking for. A business I can carry on my back, one that grants flexibility to be an active mother and wife, a venture that runs 24/7, and the ability to dust our dreams off and believe in our personal power once again."


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Jenny Tsang

"This business is fundamentally about helping others discover their potential – then we both stand back and watch the miracles unfold!”


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Elaine Pauly

“My why is simple: to create financial freedom for myself and others. I see Nu Skin as the perfect vehicle that allows each of us to accomplish this. I look for those extraordinary people who want more in life and are willing to do the work necessary to achieve their dreams.”


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Jorge Hulian

To this day I am amazed and grateful that I learned early on how to shape my career around the things that I love.”


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Laura Curdy

“I was looking for something new in my life, a new path to take. This opportunity fell right into my lap – what an incredible gift!”


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Troy Holzer

"It’s really quite simple - be consistent, show up, and do what you say you’re going to do.


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Peter Luu & Ada Nguyen

"If I remain true to myself, stay the course, and never give up, I know that my dreams will become reality.”


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Bijou Kim

"We are here to grow and give vision to our down lines, to show them the way to prosperity. All we have to do is take action.”


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Jianying Xu

“My eyes were finally opened and my vision for what I could achieve became crystal clear. What creates success? What allows one to actually achieve their dreams? It starts with the simplest idea that you can do it.”


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Jennifer Gay & Amy Tep

“Keep moving forward, no matter what gets in your way. Your success lies just ahead!”


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Kennerly Clay

“Nu Skin is the great catalyst for the personal development journey that I’m on. For that, I am tremendously grateful. The business simply makes me a better human being.”


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Yan Na Liang

"Rapidly, my goals for myself and my family expanded beyond my wildest dreams. My life is now bustling with activity and my family has changed for the better because of my newfound passion and profession.”


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Bill Schifferli

“I cannot iterate enough how critical it is to listen to your leaders and adopt their behaviors. By doing so, and relentlessly practicing daily effective core habits, you will achieve success and experience empowering personal development.”


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Marco & Mariana Montoya

"Our belief in the company’s values is absolute, and as we continue to align ourselves, we are filled with vision and purpose that keeps us moving forward, through any turbulence we might encounter.”


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Dr. Raphael Allred

"We can do so much more to heal this world, one life at a time, if we’re willing to devote the time and resources to doing so. The way to achieving those two dreams lies with building a thriving and successful Nu Skin business.”


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Ting Chen

“There isn’t a more ideal beginning business for young professionals than this – it’s perfect!”


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Nancy Wu & Sen Wang

"Nu Skin’s proven system makes beginning your dreams of owning a business natural and exciting.”


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Hai & Quangtu Huynh

“Our success is now defined by helping others to be more successful than ourselves. This is a breath of fresh air, and more importantly, a vision we can subscribe to whole-heartedly.”


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Jack Zhang

“I may never find a cure for cancer, but I can most certainly improve people’s health and wellbeing with revolutionary ageLOC products."


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Bev Schauble

An excursion to Provo, Utah for a Team Elite University training solidified her commitment. Upon seeing firsthand the culture of this unrivaled distributor force, Bev resolved to partner with Nu Skin. “I knew I had found my home, where I belonged. This was where I could make a difference in the lives of family members and others.”


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Phil Nguyen & Jennifer Ha

"As a result of our willingness to take immediate action, we now have an incredibly robust team filled with doctors, pharmacists, engineers, and other professionals in that wonderful state. You’ve got to take this business seriously if you want serious results.”


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Eileen Tansey

“We are not alone. From the moment we join, we have leaders who are vested in our success. We are a team, and the acronym for that is ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’. When we embrace this philosophy good things happen. I’ve seen it unfold in my organization, with coordinated efforts and shared triumphs.”


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Khanh-Van Ho

"If you’re unhappy or stuck with your life, believe that you have the power to create your own future. It may seem a bit scary at first, but with the support of your team and this incredible Nu Skin community, you can achieve wonders."


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Lisa Bell

“By embarking on this journey you may find that the greatest gift is the chance to rediscover who you are. You will achieve more than you ever believed possible, and inspire countless others to live extraordinary lives.”


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Andy Lau & Thanh Phan

“Sacrifice is required to gain the things that matter most. Holding a full-time job, while building your organization, is doable if you are committed and have a plan. It’s critical to work in tandem with your team – there’s no other way to succeed.”


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Ben Yim

His journey with Nu Skin truly began when he was invited to attend a training meeting in Anaheim, California. While there, he was inspired by the keynote speaker’s definition of courage being the demand to pursue one’s dreams. After the meeting, Ben was convinced that Nu Skin could provide a way to achieve his expanding dream.


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Jinsil Kim

“That hard work pays off is no secret. In life, some people can be accidentally successful, but you can’t be accidentally passionate.”


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JanJan Zhao

“We can never avoid obstacles on the way to success. The most important factor is to find a solution instead of complaining – then you will find your victory.” Undeterred by challenges, JanJan Zhao is an exemplary Blue Diamond leader who is committed to sharing the Nu Skin opportunity with as many people as possible.


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Joy & Gordon Daniel

“Seeing is believing and we saw tremendous growth and success right before our eyes. The impact was pivotal in transforming our belief and confidence in the opportunity. From that point forward we were in 100%.”


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Eun Byul Kim & Wonjun Sohn

“I realized I wanted to offer hope to fellow stay-at-home mothers, who had lost the belief that they could have a career while still attending to housework and childcare. They could be and have so much more!”


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Yuka Ono

As a veteran of the first two Success Trips, Yuka is currently working diligently towards qualifying for the upcoming trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Her persistent enthusiasm and commitment has carried her thus far, and we cheer her on as she strives towards her goal of becoming a Diamond Executive later this year.


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Teresa Zhang

Blessed with the unique experience of growing up with Nu Skin, Teresa Zhang learned early on in life how impactful both the products and opportunity are. Her mother, Yali Ma, was thoroughly engaged in the Nu Skin business, and Teresa learned firsthand both the trials and successes of being a distributor leader.


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Jingyan Zheng

“I took to the challenge with a joyful and eager mindset. If my upline hadn’t encouraged me to stretch a little bit farther with my ambition, I would never have understood how much I can personally accomplish. I’m eternally grateful to her gentle and well-intentioned nudging to become someone greater. The secret is to learn that for yourself, internalize it. Then your potential will naturally unfold before you.”


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Richard Mucci, MD

Richard counsels all those seeking to establish their motivation, “Find something in Nu Skin that really excites you and then commit to it with enthusiasm. Let that enthusiasm boil over and show it to the world. The world will listen!”


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Truong & Nikki Doan

Their Nu Skin business really began when they signed up their dear friends from Las Vegas. Immediately taking to the opportunity and becoming Executives, their friends’ rapid success spurred the Doans to reevaluate their role as leaders. “We knew we had to become role models for them. Each leader knows that feeling - you just cannot leave your team struggling without vision or guidance.”


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Ben Lo

At times it was hard to maintain that distant dream of freedom, as obstacles mounted and the pressures of both careers climaxed. Through it all, their up line leaders provided leadership and examples of how to persevere. “They taught us tremendously about partnership, and nurtured a vision that let us see through their eyes, all the while guiding us where to direct our time and energy most effectively.”


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Isabelle Jiang

While attending a Success Trip, Isabelle experienced Nu Skin’s unique culture firsthand and she committed to adopting it for her own. “All of us come from different backgrounds and experiences, but we all share the same dream – abundance, in every part of our lives. When I began to understand that, my dream expanded to include my downlines’ success.


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Leah Accola

Leah knows that succeeding in the business requires immense support. Not only have her up line leaders played crucial roles in her development as a leader, but her sister, Michelle, and husband have been pivotal as well. “Sometimes it’s just nice for someone to remind you why you decided to do this business.


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Charlene Zhang

“It was in that initial phase that I began to realize this was more than just great products - it was the precise starting business I had been searching for. Nu Skin’s culture of independence and personal accountability called to me. I was in, 100%.”


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Jeff & Diana Zisselman

Success was inevitable for Jeff & Diana Zisselman, given their accomplished professional careers and work ethic. “My motivation is twofold.  When I wake up and look at my wife I have a deep sense of responsibility to take care of her and make sure she has everything she needs and wants. I will never let myself or her down.”


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Dr. Larry & Cheryl Couture and Rae-Lynn & Paul Ghosh

When faced with the adversity that attends any business venture, the Coutures take time to refocus on their “why” – “to retire as an entire family, that we might be a force for good and aid those who are not as fortunate. There is no greater reward in this journey than to help those in need.”


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The Park Legacy Group

The Park Legacy Group began as an initiative between seasoned entrepreneurs Mike and Sinja Park. In time, they built an astounding organization of unified executives throughout Korea, China, and the United States.


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Theresa Li

Theresa Li once believed that to be recognized as a successful person one must have a traditional profession. With this perspective, she devoted herself to accounting, eventually qualifying as a Certified General Accountant. Five years into her career however, Theresa discovered a new definition for success, and it began with her introduction to Nu Skin.


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Dr. Xiao Qi Wu

Dr. Wu’s first exposure to Nu Skin’s products was through ageLOC Vitality and its powerful Cordyceps ingredient. Impressed by the composition of the product and vetting the clinical research supporting it, he began recommending its usage to his clients. The introduction of this compelling supplement to their health regimens lead to a demonstrable improvement in their well-being.


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Tien Dang

Acknowledging the inestimable support of his up line leaders, he rejoices “So many individuals have aided me in reaching this glorious point of my Nu Skin career. Every leader, from our Team Elites to my individual sponsor, has played a crucial role in my success. Each has walked this path with me, each has lifted me up.”


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Ada Wong

Ada began to develop her Nu Skin business part time, “but with a full time attitude.” She spent considerable effort to learn from leaders and implement their duplication strategies seamlessly into her organization. This has invigorated Ada, inspiring her to exclaim “Because of Nu Skin, I find my days happier.


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Carrie Hudson-Wilkins

A devoted nurse, Carrie Hudson-Wilkins dedicated her life over the past 30 years to helping her patients thrive and enjoy healthier lives. As her career went on however, Carrie became increasingly frustrated with the healthcare industry’s focus on repairing damage done rather than preventing it and encouraging wellness.


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Dinh Luong

Dinh’s training began in earnest as she voraciously participated in trainings, conference calls, and webinars. Most importantly, she learned the vital lesson that only in helping one’s team succeed, can an executive experience true success.


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Vincent Wang

Vincent Wang has found an opportunity far more rewarding than his original goal of waiting tables. As a new Blue Diamond, Vincent is teaching his life lessons of determination, faith, and prospecting to a new generation of leaders in North America. His testimony concerning the power of belief in one’s dream daily inspires new distributors.  


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Allen Qin

Having seen others achieve success with similar challenges in language barriers and limited business experience, Allen is encouraged that he will be able to duplicate their success as he learns from their examples and grows personally.


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Teri McCall

Her counsel to those starting or still building their business is to use the great support system you already have – your team. By staying disciplined, following the guidance of leaders, and staying tuned into conference calls, you too can experience success and accomplish your dreams.


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Don & Anna Lee

After a comprehensive regimen of supplements for six months, I noticed a marked difference in my energy levels and overall wellbeing. People around me also took notice and began approaching me about “what I was taking”, and thus, my Nu Skin business began.


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Phyllis Yiu

Her first few years with Nu Skin were met with stable, albeit gradual success. Phyllis was unfazed by this rate of progress and continued working daily to build her organization. The key to her persistence? “I received unconditional support from the company, as well as my sponsors, allowing me to strive to the best of my capabilities.”


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Mallory Moss

Mallory Moss is getting National attention as she is driving a lot of attention to her business, “The Mallory Project.” In three short months, Mallory achieved Ambassador for Nourish the Children and became an Executive Distributor.


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Joanna Stachnik

From early on, Joanna Stachnik wanted to be a businesswoman with her own company. She worked diligently in the corporate sector in Argentina then immigrated to Miami once she got married. Shortly thereafter, she began a family, while trying to return to work between each child.


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Ileane Frank

This business is a gift. You were given this opportunity to change your life. Sure you are going to hit bumps along the way, but you’ve got to pick yourself up and move on. If you keep your eye on the prize and ignore the obstacles that fall in your path you are sure to be successful. It takes time to build a great business, but the trip is a ton of fun and the prize will be well worth the effort!


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Tony Ta

Working part-time over the past three years, Tony has built a substantial organization, spread across many countries and all the while continually advancing in title. His success with Nu Skin has also fundamentally transformed his character – “I’ve become a better person; I know how to love more and how to serve others more fully, especially my family.” 


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Ellen Simonin

One week after I retired the Nu Skin business found me; I fell in love with the BioPhotonic Scanner, and I discovered my new “calling.” I have always been passionate about being healthy and helping other people be healthy, but I am pleased to be in “well care” now instead of “sick care”. It’s also great to continue to be paid for what I love to do.


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Kiet Nguyen

When I first began developing my Nu Skin business, I encountered regular obstacles and challenges. I refused to give up! I had seen the number of millionaires Nu Skin had created (and was continuing to do so weekly) and I was determined to take my place amongst them.


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Niurka Gomez

Being and belonging to a force for good fundamentally inspires Niurka daily. Her new dream is to have an organization with thousands of distributors all around the world, sharing with each of them the opportunity and aiding them in looking and living younger.


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Jenny Nguyen

Shortly after the birth of her third child, Jenny was approached by a distant relative about Nu Skin. With a newborn on her hands, Jenny’s time was limited, but she still made an effort to listen to Dean Nguyen’s conference calls. It was during this formative time that Jenny made a decision to start her own business.


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Caryn & Rick FitzGerald

“I focus on daily action steps, as each one brings me closer to the achievement of both small goals and big dreams. It's all about helping others to live their best life. And when that is the focus, we are all abundantly rewarded.”


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Amy Wu & Fang Xue

In October 2011, I was blessed to attend the Nu Skin global convention. From that moment forward I knew Nu Skin was the path that I was searching for. I had been using and loving Nu Skin products for almost 12 years prior to convention, but it was only through attending the event that I learned how amazing the Nu Skin business opportunity was as well!


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Minh Hiep Dannerstedt   

The success that I have seen has come from the people. On my path, I have met people who share the same vision and aspirations as mine. The secret? Communication and care from everyone and the sincerity from our heart in believing that each person who embraces this opportunity can achieve their dreams and goals, strengthened with commitment and leadership from each person of the Nu Skin Team.  We are a part of a whole.


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Pamela & Marcelo Marino

As they continue to expand their organization, Marcelo and Pam remain focused on their why – their family. “We look into our kids’ eyes and we know we have to make this work and we will!” 


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Katrina Ho & Tu Khong

“Every time we get discouraged or faced a hardship, we just look to our team. We find renewed purpose as we witness their triumphs, giving us the encouragement and motivation we need to revisit our hurdles with greater energy to overcome.”


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Hong-Hua Li

Hong-Hua was introduced to Nu Skin through a casual interaction with friends. Invited to a friend’s office to listen to Team Elite Lin Xie and Blue Diamond Hailing Yu, Hong-Hua got to experience a “half-face demo”. After initial exposure to the opportunity, she worked diligently and reached Executive status in a very short period of time.


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