So Summer Collections - The Perfect Night Out


The perfect night out


There’s nothing like having the #FridayFeeling when you’re stepping out of the office preparing to dance the night away at a club or having a quiet dinner at your favourite hangout. So, before you hit the town, check out our top picks to get you ready for the perfect night out.


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The Collection


₴ 1,292.00
  • PSV 52.80

Get ready to experience the freedom of your mind and body working in harmony and feel refreshed with R² Night

  • 40003894
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      ageLOC® Transforming Night

      ₴ 1,571.00
      • PSV 62.20

      A rich hydrating cream that reduces the look of fine lines, wrinkles and pores, so you wake to glowing, smooth, supple skin.

      • 40003880
      • 30ml
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          ₴ 1,148.55
          • PSV 40.20

          Define, sculpt and effortlessly highlight your cheeks and cheekbones with this radiant Blush Duo.

          • 40102869
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              ageLOC® Future Serum

              ₴ 3,795.00
              • PSV 157.20

              Features scientifically tested anti-ageing ingredients that stimulate youthful cell renewal by 85%.

              • 40003883
              • 30 ml
              • <netto_weight>
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                  Celltrex® Ultra Recovery Fluid

                  ₴ 775.00
                  • PSV 30.60

                  A nutritious lightweight serum that provides daily anti-oxidant protection for supple firm and healthy skin.

                  • 40102700
                  • 15 ml
                  • <netto_weight>
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