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Epoch® Face & Body

Incorporating some of nature's best-kept secrets, Epoch® product formulas contain skin-beneficial botanicals that nourish, protect and respond to skin concerns in a natural, comforting way.

Epoch® Sole Solution™

₴ 652.00
  • PSV 22.60
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Contains crushed allspice berry to relieve persistent dry, cracked or red skin on the heels, toes and sides of the feet.

  • 40101220
  • 125 ml
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      Citrus Deodorant

      ₴ 528.00
      • PSV 18.10
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      Combats odour with a patented Citrisome technology while natural conditioners refresh and moisturise the skin under the arms. Non-whitening, glide-on formula. With calming extracts to soothe underarms. Peace of mind that you will stay fresh all day, without suffering skin irritation.

      • 40110802
      • 50 g
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          Epoch® Glacial Marine Mud®

          ₴ 1,019.00
          • PSV 35.10
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          A skin-purifying estuary treasure. Draw out impurities, remove dead skin cells, and nurture skin with more than 50 skin beneficial minerals, including zinc and sea botanicals. Legend has it that indigenous peoples may have tried to use this special mud to make pottery. They were unsuccessful because of its fine particle size, but noticed their hands were softer and smoother. Today, Glacial Marine Mud is homogenized to produce a highly absorbent mud with impeccable consistency. Experience the renewing benefits of this mud mask by pampering your face and body with regular treatments.

          • 40110809
          • 200 gram tube
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              Epoch® Baobab Body Butter

              ₴ 691.00
              • PSV 23.80
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              This deliciously rich cream quenches your skin’s thirst with shea butter and the fruit of the African baobab tree.

              • 40102781
              • 125 g
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