Mona Rese


In 2007, I already knew that I needed a new direction for my future in the world of business. At the time, I did not quite know yet what that might be, but I knew I had to regain my drive and passion for business! I also knew that my third career had to be something that interested me, as well as provide a stable future income.


After working as a coach for 20 years, during which I achieved amazing results, the choice of a new line of business was very important to me. I was introduced to Nu Skin® in 2008 and I was immediately convinced that this was the right way to go for me. So I began to plan my future. I had  to quit the position I held at the time and I also had to finish other projects. In order to reach my targets with Nu Skin®, I had to be 100 percent focused. Therefore, my first goal was to end all other projects by 01 November, 2009. During this period, I already worked with Nu Skin® from time to time. When my final project ended, on 30 October, 2009, I had reached my first goal. And I was ready for Nu Skin®!


01 November, 2009 was the first day that I was able to focus completely on my career with Nu Skin®. With the help of talented leaders in my team, I started my Nu Skin® future as a Ruby Executive. In January 2010, I reached my next goal, namely being an Emerald. Not much later, in April, I became a Diamond. In addition to that, I also became a Nourish The Children (NTC) Ambassador.


In order to push myself even further, my next goals are to reach Blue Diamond Executive status by August 2010, and then move on to being a Team Elite Executive by the time I raise my glass of champagne on New Year’s Eve, 2011.


To reach these objectives, I am going to need all the help and support I can get, so any advice you have to offer will be highly appreciated. Please email me at:!


This is my Nu Skin® story so far and I am really looking forward to my journey towards Team Elite status ... and of course to the years ahead of me, as a Nu Skin® Team Elite Executive!


I want to wish all of my colleagues the best of luck – whichever goal they may pursue … Do not forget that the most important thing we do is helping other people!


Best regards,

Mona Rese
Diamond Executive - Team Jessheim / Ullensaker, Norway