What is ARO?

Automatic Re-Ordering Program (ARO) is simply the easiest way for you to receive the products you love and maintain your personal volume and eligibility. Each month for 6 months, and automatic to re-new when finish the program in month 7th. The products you have chosen are conveniently delivered to you on the day you choose. The great benefits are as follows:


1. Create your ARO order: ARO order is the list of products that will be automatic charge and delivery to you every month.


2. Add new product or re-check order: This function, you can choose to add more product in your existed ARO list. 



1. This Privilege is only ARO members who purchase 50PV or 1 box of LifePak(40PV) or Cordimax CS4(120 capsules) 

2. Only single ID per privilege. For the exited members, the privileges will be counted continuously. 

3. Orders that have been suspended, cancelled, exchanged, or returned in ARO program will not be counted towards the total purchase amount made through this system and will be deprived of benefits in this program and start counting the new benefits period 

4. In the case of any return, need to following Nu Skin’s policies and regulations. According to the value of the discount code/voucher that you have used. 

5. Nu Skin disclaimer for the benefits may be changed without advanced notice. 

6. For your benefit If you have not provided your email and phone number. You can email your information to 48hr_reply_thailand@nuskin.com. 


For more information, please contact ARO Call center Tel. 02-506-1888 press 2 on Mon – Fri at 9 am – 6 pm  
Remarks: the benefits may be changed without advanced notice. 


Remarks:the benefits may be changed without advanced notice.