Tri-Phasic White

Tri-Phasic White

A skin brightening system containing five products that work together to minimize the activation, synthesis, and expression phases of the skin discoloration process.

Tri-Phasic White System

  • PSV 155.40

Tri-Phasic White System MAKE A BRILLIANT DISCOVERY. Nu Skin® Tri-Phasic White™ systematically enhances the skin brightening process. This scientific method works to minimize the activation, synthesis, and expression of discoloration on the skin’s surface. Clinically proven, the key ingredient technologies featured in each product combine to create the most comprehensive skin brightening system available.

  • 19102734
  • 5 products per set
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      Tri-Phasic White™ Cleanser

      • PSV 24.55

      Tri-Phasic White Cleanser Brighten your complexion every time you cleanse. Tri-Phasic White™ Cleanser helps inhibit the expression of discoloration on the surface of the skin.

      • 19102729
      • 100 ml
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          Tri-Phasic White™ Toner

          • PSV 26.15

          Tri-phasic White Toner Calm your skin. To enhance the skin brightening process, Tri-Phasic White™ Toner features Fairtrex™ and carnosine.

          • 19102733
          • 125 ml
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              Tri-Phasic White Essence

              • PSV 45.80

              Tri -Phasic White Essence Reveal your inner beauty. Vital for contributing to a brilliant, translucent skin tone, Tri-Phasic White™ Essence is formulated with Brightex™.

              • 19102730
              • 30 ml.
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                  Tri - Phasic White Day Milk Lotion

                  • PSV 37.60

                  Maintain a luminous complexion. Tri-Phasic White™ Day Milk Lotion moisturizes while helping target the daytime factors that can trigger discoloration activation.

                  • 19102731
                  • 75 ml
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                      Tri - Phasic White Night Cream

                      • PSV 37.60

                      Discover a more brilliant skin tone while you sleep. Specially formulated Tri-Phasic White™ Night Cream features diacetyl boldine to help target the activation phase.

                      • 19102732
                      • 30 ml
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                          Tri-Phasic White Radiance Mask

                          • PSV 65.40

                          Enjoy a relaxing, full facial treatment that unveils your skin’s natural radiance with Tri-Phasic White Radiance Mask.

                          • 19102775
                          • 8 pcs./ pack
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