Clay Pack Deep Cleansing Masque

Clay Pack Deep Cleansing Masque

Clay Pack is a non-drying facial mask that moisturizes the skin while it deep cleanses. The combination of clay, aloe vera, NaPCA, and intensive cleansing agents helps unclog pores, free impurities, and leave skin feeling its best.

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Product Details

  • Benefits
    • A combination of natural kaolin and bentonite clays, the humectant NaPCA, soothing aloe vera, softening royal jelly, and other
    • An integral part of your cleansing routine.

    • 100% Fragrance Free.

    • Safety-Allergy-Dermatologist Tested.

    • Deep-cleanses the face and creates a clearer, more refined appearance.

    • Helps to improve the tone and texture of the skin.

    • Imparts a smoother, softer feel to the skin.

    • Assists in unclogging pores and absorbing unwanted oil and impurities from the skin.

    • Leaves skin feeling soft, luxuriously supple and never dried out.

    • Aids in your skin's natural exfoliation process by removing dead skin cells, leaving skin with a refreshed, thoroughly cleansed feeling.
  • Key Ingredients
  • Natural kaolin and bentonite clay—draw out excess oils, dirt, and impurities that clog pores.
  • Aloe vera—helps soothe and nurture skin.
  • NaPCA and other humectants—keep the skin hydrated and soft.
  • Usage
    Apply in an upward-outward motion to the face and neck. After 10 to 30 minutes, thoroughly rinse with warm water, then dry with a clean cloth. Follow with the Nu Skin toner, treatment, and moisturizer of your choice. Use at least twice a week.
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