ageLOC Transforming Night

ageLOC Transforming night

A rich hydrating cream that dramatically reduces the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores, so you wake to glowing, smooth, supple skin.  

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Product Details

  • Benefits

    • ageLOC™ targets the ultimate sources of aging to preserve
    the look of youth and reduce the appearance of aging.
    • Contains advanced anti-aging ingredients that are scientifically
    proven to:
     Stimulate youthful cell turnover by 85% for a smoother,
    softer texture you will feel.
    - Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 45%
    for visibly younger looking skin.
    • Youthful cell turnover reduces the appearance of pores.
    • Features mild ingredients that mimic the skin’s own structure
    and composition, reducing skin sensitivity and delivering
    superior benefits without disturbing the skin’s natural
    moisture properties.

    • Works together with the skin’s natural nighttime repair and
    renewal processes, strengthening skin’s natural barrier for
    stronger, more resilient skin.

  • Usage

    ageLOC Transforming Night is the third step in your evening ageLOC Transformation skin care regimen. It can also be used by itself as a nighttime facial moisturizer with other skin care products.


    To complete your evening regimen, scoop a small amount onto fingertips and apply in an upward, outward motion to face and neck. Avoid the eye area.