Tru Face

tru face

Tru Face Line Corrector

  • PSV 51.00

uses the power of peptides to reduce the appearance of moderate to deep lines and wrinkles caused by mechanical aging (habitual muscle movements).

  • 19102704
  • 30 ml
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      Tru Face Revealing Gel

      • PSV 38.00

      with polyhydroxy acids is a gentle approach to revealing a smooth, more radiant looking complexion.

      • 19101213
      • 30 ml
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          Tru Face Skin Perfecting Gel

          • PSV 51.00

          combats the earliest signs of environmental aging by helping to prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin.

          • 19102698
          • 30 ml
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              Tru Face IdealEyes

              • PSV 47.00

              You work hard to look young, but no matter what you do, your eyes show the telltale signs of aging, stress, and fatigue. Fight these beauty enemies with Tru Face IdealEyes.

              • 19101241
              • 15 ml
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