Selenium Chai & Neo Poh Lin

Selenium Chai &
Neo Poh Lin

1 Million Dollar Circle Member &                    Team Elite 2 years

"If you put people first, the rest will fall in place."

Selenium Chai & Neo Poh Lin

Throughout history, it has been proven that successful people are those with vision and dare to dream big. But there's a third dimension to visions and dreams. And Selenium Chai and Neo Poh Lin, Team Elite 2 Years, embody that extra ingredient in definitive success... consistent hard work.


Selenium and Poh Lin are the proud parents of three boys ranging from eight months to twelve years of age. A typical day for the couple is like clockwork. Selenium, who just had a baby, is devoting more time to caring for the little one. But she still finds time to make calls and fix appointments in the afternoon, reserving nights for training or time with her family. Poh Lin spends his day making calls to prospects and business partners, arranging to meet up with them. At night, he attends meetings or training.


As entrepreneurs, fitting in family needs into a hectic work schedule can be a handful. For this couple however, managing time well means balancing work and family in a series of steps that centre on the importance of open communication, flexibility and organization. "We're busy, but happy," shared the couple who feel that their quality of life is definitely much, much better now. "We no longer have to worry about financial aspects, and we have more time to spend with our children. We also get to plan our holidays without any bosses hurrying to get us back. We've travelled to so many wonderful places in the world, hosted by our business partners who are also our friends." Friendships are also one of the greatest rewards this couple enjoys about the business opportunity, and it's also the basis on which they operate their business.


As one of the founding Chief Ambassadors of the Nourish the Children™ philanthropic program, Selenium and Poh Lin believe that integrity and keeping promises are integral to effective leadership. "People will only follow leaders whom they can trust. What we like about this business is that we can choose to work with people who share our vision. As we think of this as a long-term business for us and our business partners, we always try to find ways to build a bond with them through meetings or other informal gatherings." With this bond, the couple hopes to develop two Team Elite and four Blue Diamond Executives in the coming year!


As they reflect on successes past and future, Selenium and Poh Lin are thankful to God for this opportunity. "We would also like to thank our uplines, 5 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 7 Years, Rayne Ho and Angela Liew, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 7 Years, Henry Ho, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 4 Years, Michael San and Teresa Tan, our wonderful business partners and all the regional staff of Nu Skin Enterprises, without whom our success would not have been possible."