Step 1


1. Register as a new Distributor to start earning part time income.


    a) The only required purchase to become a Distributor is a not-for-profit Business Portfolio. All

        product purchases are optional. There are no bonuses paid for recruiting. All bonuses are paid

        based on products sold.


    b) The Business Portfoli will be provided free of charge if a new Distributor:

         * Purchases any fast- Start Payment (FSP) Package; or

         * Enrolls on a new Automatic Re-Ordering (ARO) program of a 1 month supply of LifePak® or

            50 PSV of products; or 

         * Purchases a minimum 100PSV worth of products (in a single invoice)



2. Enroll new Distributors to start earning Fast-Start Payments, retail profits and volume commissions.

    No benefits or bonuses will be given or paid for recruiting only.


                                        EARNINGS POTENTIAL


                                        As a Distributor you can earn:


                                        a. Fast-Start Payments when you sell Fast-Start Payment Packages to

                                            your level 1 (L1) Distributors;


                                        b. Up to 43% profit on retail customer purchases; and


                                        c. 5% commission on L1 Commissionable sales value (CSV) generated

                                            monthly when you achieve a monthly PSV of a minimum of 100