Suwannaruk Suwannoppamas

1 year Presidential Director


After graduation, I started my own business by purchasing a mini-mart franchise for 2 branches along with a cell phone shop. I had run all these businesses for about 9 years with decent income each month. However, I haven’t achieved the freedom of anything at all. What I got in return was poor health, poor skin, and even some debt.

One day, I came across Nu Skin business, but it took me about 3 years to open up for this type of business. Then, I decided to close all my shops and dedicated all me time for Nu Skin. I saw the great opportunity and possibility to clear all my debt. I said goodbye to active income that I had enjoyed for the past decade and started looking forward to the passive income from Nu Skin. This is what I call ‘sustainable earning’

Today, Nu Skin has not only brought a new me in terms of better well-being, but also inspired a lot of new attitudes, particularly towards giving and sharing without expecting for returns. I’m very pleased to contribute 1% of my income, like other fellow distributors, to Force for Good. Thanks Nu Skin for making me feel happier in working and even living.

I’ve been in Nu Skin business for 1 year and 3 months. It’s hard to believe that I could achieve a Blue Diamond within such a short period. In fact, I think any of you can do it even faster than me, only if you set your clear goal and strongly stick to it. One of my uplines used to say that there is no ‘can’t do’, but ‘didn’t do’ in Nu Skin. I personally have my motto: “successful people always find the way to go” and “no matter how big the challenge is, grow your heart bigger and you will get through it.”

Today, I really enjoy being Nu Skin. For those of you who are in this family, be strong because one day you will stand here where I am now.