Ratchadawan Ingkawimonsri & Soncedar Teanpakkul

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Ratchadawan Ingkawimonsri and Soncedar Teanpakkul TE 5 years, Oct 11

"Nothing can be happened without dream."


    Financial freedom is wording we always hear from Nu Skin business. It’s the first motivation that opens many distributors mind to get this opportunity. The best thing of this business is you can set income you want yourself. Reward of integrity, work hard is number of commission you get. Don’t give up for obstacles.


    1 MDC is title that we have to get because Nu Skin design sales compensation plan that helps us to get more income. The more we have depth organization, the more income we get. So you can know yourself how much you’ll earn from your organization. If you are employee, the chance that you’ll get more income is only once per year. But for Nu Skin, you can increase it every month. This is so fair.

For me, I used to be business owner. So I can compare to Nu Skin business that it totally difference. Now I have freedom. I can set time to travel, time to work. Life is easier, no more pressure from thing that we can’t control. I used to be pressured from my business. That’s make me look old and not healthy. When I compare from the picture, I can see clearly that Nu Skin can makes me younger, happier. I want everyone to have better life like me.


    From the last 13 years, I have many impress stories from Nu Skin. They always guess wrong to my age, less than my real age for almost 10 years. I got many impress journeys from abroad. Lately, I have a chance to join Team Elite gala, the place is only for dynasty. This is the proud story that I can tell to my child.


     Successful from this business will not happen because you are good. But it do happen because your work hard, don’t give up. Return is not only money but we can make people we love happy. No other business that can make we feel like giver like Nu Skin.

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