Pattarawan And Pichet Sukkaniwast

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10 years ago, when I was first introduced to Nu Skin, I had many questions with the business, but it wasn’t as easy as nowadays that I could find information that answers my question easily. At that time, it was almost impossible to know the business stability as well as the root or foundation of the business. I only knew that this opportunity could release me from my 2 million baht obligation. I therefore decided quickly hoping to chance my life with business opportunity from Nu Skin. Nu skin helped ordinary people like me to set up my own business and when I learn more I knew better that Nu Skin is a world class business opportunity which has been in The New York Stock Exchange with 5A1 security rating and already created successful millionaires from this business, so I decided to do the business seriously.

My success story today doesn’t happen by luck but from my hard working continuously and always learn to be a better person, all the time. I spend about 9 years and make 100 million baht commission which is impossible if I were still an employee. In the other hand, I might have to invest a lot to get 100 million baht income and there are several of people that spent a million and finally become bankrupt.

Nu skin is counted as a high technology business which fulfill people’s life style these days, especially social network marketing. Nu skin can be found online and proved how good it is by being a world class business, aiming to do only white ocean business which is reason why Nu Skin keeps growing continuously.

For new people, I advise them to make a decision shortly and keep on working. Learning will also make you all understand the business better and success will meet you when you understand it and be confident. Another one important thing is you must have a clear answer in your mind about why Nu Skin; do you really need it and are you ready to exchange your success with anything. For those who wish to be success, you just need to set a clear goal and you will surely overcome all the problems and barriers yourselves.

“Success doesn’t be measured on how much we have, but the greatest success is measured by how you share your success with others and make them succeed like you.”

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