Orawan & Punnavit Phatimaprakorn


Orawan and Punnawit Pathimapakorn

3 years Presidential Director


"Achievement is not about accident or fate, but it’s about a great belief combined with a prompt efficient action"

The reason why we decided to do Nu Skin business is that the company can clear off all doubts we have. Unlike other direct-selling businesses that we felt rather negative with, Nu Skin is totally different in terms of products, working system, and the company itself. It makes us believe that this company is able to respond us and other people in many aspects ranging from beauty care and health care. Plus, for those who look forward to the better future, Nu Skin can make your dream come true. Because we would like to give this great opportunity to others, we have made the right choice – Nu Skin.

Our success is based on our belief, belief of no failure. Then, we put a great effort while taking action with full capacity. Just make a right decision and do it continuously, you will surely be one of us.

Apparently, ageLoc’s anti-aging innovation ends the competitors’ game in the market, making it easier for us to approach people and establishing bigger customer base. It’s incomparable since no one can work in the genetic level. All Nu Skin distributors should take this great opportunity to strengthen your team.

Our goal for the next couple years is to see our team succeed, with higher pins and bigger teams. We have made a decision to have Nu Skin as our final destination. There is nowhere else to think of since this is the best business that we came in the right time and in the right team. We will bring in a lot more people to this business, particularly those who really need freedom like us. We both are ready to help you all to pursue your dreams.