Natsumon Pinchornchattarakrup


Natsumon Pinchornchattarakrup

1 year Presidential Director


I believe that we are born for some reason, but more importantly we have to protect our dream. I was limiting my dream before because I thought it was too far, even out of my reach. Nu Skin changed all of that, just like unwrapping a big gift, it wiped out my limitations and path the way towards success.

I can proudly say that Nu Skin would be my last job, and with the vision, I can say that Nu Skin is company that we can rely on indefinitely. Nu Skin is the leader in anti-ageing technology, with AgeLOC and Life Gen, the leading research institute, the results are growing against the downfall of world economy. Nu Skin also founded “Force For Good” foundation, I am proud to be able to help those in needs in our societies.

Everything is done by choice, never coincidences. We choose our destinies; if we eat a lot, we will be fat; if we read a lot, we will be clever; if we exercise consistently, we will be healthy. Success is the same, we have to find the right path to success, and Nu Skin is that path. Whatever happens, we have to work toward our goals, and we will be successful!!