Manassanan & Chanoknart Somkiatkul


Four years in Nu Skin business have made a new us in every aspect. Once we said that we were working like a sponge, having a huge power to absorb anything. In fact, we have learned from our own mistakes as well as other people’s success. From that, we picked up only good things while leaving the bad ones behind. We never stop learning to make sure we are confident enough to lead other team members. Our world has changed from the past and our vision, too. We used to live like ordinary teenagers who prefer easy work and never know the true meaning of leadership. Today, we are totally different in the way that we learn to contribute to the team and to give before take. In general, the most difficult part of being a leader is the sense of responsibility for yourself before others. To us, the most important part is to think well, say well, do well and treat others well. Leading a great team is like raising children. Parents need to figure out how to make their children grow with quality.

In our team, whenever they need help, we are ready to assist them with a massive power from inside, power of leadership. It’s very amazing that we see the intense effort and sign of hope in their eyes, hope to get us walk along with them in complex times. We commit that whatever it takes; we will give them a lift to success. Often times we suggest our team cultivate confidence and work for good causes. With this, success is not too far to reach.

This world is full of both positive and negative aspects. It depends upon what you choose to view, to believe, and to become. You will always see great smiles on our faces even in the hardest situation. This is one of our principles for living and for our pleasant journey called ‘Nu Skin’.