Khwanjit Jaisamut and Pipob Prabnarbnarong

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Khwanjit Jaisamut and Pipob Prabnarong TE 3 years, Dec 11

"You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself."

Age is really simply a state of mind. Having a youthful attitude means keeping a positive outlook and recognizing your potential. Be able to put your arms around the boundless wonders of your imagination even while you’re still learning.


    Take an optimistic approach to everything you do and realize that the best part of life is still just a few small steps further up the road. Dare to excel, rather than dwelling on the occasional hills and valleys. Yes, have a dream: and also have confidence in your ability to make that dream a reality.


    Believe that the glass will always remain half full, even after you have already taken more than most other people’s fill. Feel the incredible lightness of all the limitless possibilities, without the burden of doubt. Bravely seek out challenges and embrace every moment like it’s a brand new experience: curious and ambitious as a child.


    Everything is here just for you to discover and enjoy: while at play in the world.

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