Kanokpan Rithakanee


Kanokpan Rithakanee

1 year Presidential Director


On the road to every success, the Team Elite title is the title that everyone should reach. Being a team Elite is the result of having a clear goal, being purposeful and continuously taking effort to achieve your dream. It is worth well doing this as you will encounter with many problems and once you overcome it, you learn from it and you will have skills to lead others who are following you.

With our belief that only being a business owner will give us freedom and time to be with family, so I decided to have my own business right after I did a degree. After 20 years that I worked on it, The result showed that I am lastly a free man. However, this wasn’t the freedom because me at that time had no time for family and my health became worse.

I was taught by experience that I must choose the right transportation that brings me to success. Nu Skin is the key and it also gives everyone 3 things; money time and health.

At the end of this, I want to share the way to success. Initially, you have to find your “WHY Nu Skin”. It is important to know your why because it will the only thing that drives you to overcome all the difficulties. Secondly, “Determination” will lead you to success. Thirdly, “Planning and strategy” and with the BDM strategy it will be easier to use with other tools that provided. Lastly, it’s all about “Taking action”. If you follow these steps seriously, I believe that you all will become successful.