Erawady Mitrabhakdi


Erawady Mitrabhakdi

1 year Presidential Director


Although still far from the word "Success in Nu Skin business" but working hard and believe in things that are done It took me just 8 months to win the EBD and Presidential positions. In sequence Always realize that "speed" is very important.


1. Setting clear goals for life and is bigger than ourselves. What do you want for your life and your family to be like in the next 3-5 or 10 years? If the answer is freedom, The only way to do it is to do network marketing correctly in a stable company and have products that are nowhere to fight Nu Skin.


2. When "deciding" to do, then stop, not hesitate, do not waste time with doubts Do not have an excuse Work hard and continuously everyday. Schedule time for regular meetings & learn all the time


3. There are goals and plans with the uplines in the system to achieve that goal in every phase of work. The reason that we don't have what we want because we believe we can't and whenever we believe "we can", the brain will always find ways to achieve success


4. Practice discipline to do things you don't like but should do and do the things you don't want to do the most. To be completed is the first thing of the day.


5. There are two important things: "commitment" and "integrity"


6. Feeling grateful to everyone, every event and everything around me. Reduce the ego. Listen more. And look at everything with kindness. Willing to help maintaining a positive attitude all the time and finally


Stand firm enough to get true success. This means that the team is truly great and truly leverage income, regardless of the number of failures and rejection.