Anchalee Vergara & Tarida Sukavanich

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Anchalee Vergara & Tarida Sukavanich TE 11 yrs, Jun 12

"Nu Skin business encourages us not only to design our own life,but also to increase our own self esteem by sharing good things to other."

    To becoume the great leader in Nu Skin business, we have to start from serious self improvement. Many times we may fight with problems. The leader should have the similar qualification as folows:


1. Have own vision and goal and teams goals.

2. Dedicate and cooperate with team and company "The more you give, the more you will take".

3. Sincere and lead team by performance.

4. To be a good coach.

5. To be a faithful.


    Only 5 qulaifications we can easily develop ourself to be a leader in Nu Skin business. Nu Skin will take you to the success and greater goal. "It's all about you".

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