Saya Wattanapanyasiri & Pakakul Pongpruethakot

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To get started with Nu Skin business, I might begin like others that started from an office worker and then realized that there were neither secure nor freedom in my life. I, then, look for other extra businesses and it was the time I was introduced to Nu Skin’s products and the result from them was clearly obvious. I, therefore, start to learn more about Nu Skin immediately.

    We both started as a part time job and were like that, without a goal, for many years until we gain all experiences and skills before we started to focus on business plan and reached the Team Elite Executive title, together with an 8 star creator.
    The successes we have today are totally from our decision, taking action constantly and do it every day. For 3 years that we have concentrated, we can finally reach the Team Elite Executive title with all 3 years and also aim to be Team Elite Executive continually.
    Our secret is “work with all our hearts”.  We use our heart when we talk openly with our tam, find a solution, make a plan and take action which all lead to bigger team and with BDM strategy, we can work easily at Nu Skin.
    I lastly want to give new people some advices. Do not let anyone ruin your dream. Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot do this. Only thing you must do is to listen to your heart. If you are thirst of freedom, you must follow Nu Skin and take action without having any questions. And at the end, you will find that Nu Skin give you freedom of time and wealth so that you can spend your life with your family or people who you love without worry.

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