Theera & Umaporn Phetmalaigul



Circle of Excellence I
1 year Team Elite Platinum
5 years Presidential Director


"Being rich means you have money. Being wealthy means you have time."

From the high executive of the top corporation and a high salary earner for almost 20 years, he found that as employee can not get freedom of time. He always open and search for opportunity, he never had any experience with any network marketing, however when he found Nu Skin, he found that with the powerful company that in the right trend with innovation, he is confident that this will bring him to financial independent in shorter time and at the same time can offer this chance to many people along the journey.

Nu Skin had changed my life in many way. From having more time for myself and not trapped in the job until retirement, having a chance to be financial independent at younger age and Nu Skin giving a chance to travel and expanding business aboard as well as world travel with company. We both have passion in travel and gaining more experiences. I realized that this freedom is the greatest gift to my life.

We learnt how to work as a team, giving a chance to everyone and helping others to get better quality of life. This is such an amazing experiences that money can not buy. I am just an living example of ordinary people who had extra ordinary dream and made that dream come true.

My vision is that now is a biggest window of opportunity for anyone for Nu Skin. Everything are ready from most innovative product in Anti-Aging that 2nd to none, in high demand and powerful company, big vision by management, proven compensation plan. Company is on a big growing trend and everyone can start a business now, we got system and professional team that help anyone to build business both locally and globally. This journey to success can transform people for better quality of life and making this world a better place. I want as many people to be part of this amazing journey.