Sarucha Dolpariphat & Pirasak Wittayajaroenpong


Sarucha Dolpariphat & Pirasak Wittayajaroenpong

Circle of Excellence I
3 years Presidential Director


After I graduated from faculty of accounting and started to find a job, I found that the salary I got paid was so little that it was not enough. I then knew Nu Skin from my friend who let me try its products. I was so impress with the products and make business opportunities visible. I initially found that Nu Skin could make me reach my dream which I couldn’t get it anywhere, even from my job.


Nu Skin has changed my life in many ways, a life from an accountant who only earned about ten thousand baht a month with a small flat I rented to be me today. Now, I am able to buy my own dream house and build a house for my parents as well as dream cars. At the age of 30, I could have a life and family with great quality because of freedom that Nu Skin gave us.

My expectation is not only be the only success one but also make others success like what I am. I want to show how Nu Skin transforms people’s lives. I also want to prove how great Nu Skin is that it suits everyone no matter who they are.

My success started from clear goal in my mind and sudden changed to target. People cannot succeed without taking any effort, so I did not stop improving myself, opening my heart, changing to be a better person, communicating with team and soldier on it.