Puangpaka Amatamahutana


Puangpaka Amatamahutana

Circle of Excellence I
3 year Presidential Director


"Whatever you believe, you can achieve."


I’ve done so many things including running my own business with hope to make my ultimate dream come true, but it never worked. Nu Skin has made my dream come true; my children’s future education as well as the passive income during early retirement. How different between Nu Skin’s income and that of other companies?


This business is like growing a huge plant, requiring time and good care prior to the harvest. I, as a leader, need to get myself ready for the coaching, like a site preparation for the planting. Some seeds successfully grow while some do not. Some grow well but being killed by the insects and chemical substances while some may need plenty of time to grow. Nu Skin is just like that. I cannot tell, at the first place, who will succeed but I can tell that the ones who eager to set their own clear goals and put real effort on doing business will definitely succeed. Once they become leaders, they will coach their downlines to do the same thing, too. Talking about the earning from Nu Skin, I realize that:


1. The longer you are in this business, the happier your life will be. The income is not only derived from you, but also from your team. The bigger your team grows, the bigger your income is. This is called ‘passive income’. In other businesses, you coach your employees to succeed, but one day they may turn to your competitors and run a similar business like you do. In Nu Skin, a team you coach will coach their own teams and the success is for the whole.


2. Besides impressive income here, Nu Skin provides you a freedom of wealth and time. Unlike other

businesses, Nu Skin has you receive income without working all day all night every month. So sad that some people work so hard that they never have time to spend it at all.


3 This business is full of coaches who are ready to guide you on everything while other businesses are full of competitors.


4 The income is from helping and sharing good things to others. Zig Ziglar said that ‘When you help enough people to get everything they want, you will get everything you want’.


5 The moment I like most is when people congratulate me for my success and thank me for being a role model for them. I just realized that I’m surrounded by several nice people. It’s hard to find such moment of joy somewhere else, but only Nu Skin.


6 The income is transferable to your offspring.


To me, Nu Skin is the right decision to make. Those who understand what we are doing here will take this opportunity right away. At this moment, Nu Skin is amazingly fast growing. Grab this opportunity; you’ll see that making your dream come true is truly possible.


“Only the one is successful in his business who makes that pursuit which affords him the highest pleasure to sustain him”.