Chaunchom Maunpasitporn & Chana Lohasaptawee


Chaunchom Maunpasitporn & Chana Lohasaptawee

Circle of Excellence I
2 year Team Elite Platinum
13 year Presidential Director


"Put on effort and the success will lead to freedom"


I would like to say thank you to Nu Skin that deliver everyone chance to be a business owner fairly, no matter who we are or what we do. With different cost of life, you all can succeed only if you believe and grasp the opportunity from Nu Skin. Nu Skin, so far, people start investing only small amount, but they can have a world class business opportunity, without any risks. The more effort you put on it, the better results will come to you. This is absolutely not what you can expect from a salary job.


And me, I also investing my time, my heart and my belief in order to reach the goal and make my dreams come true.

Nu Skin is described as a force for good. Our success is to help others succeed and transform their lives. And us, we are more than happy to help them because people have their own value and we want them to confident in their own value and make them feel lucky that there are parts of this company, Nu Skin.

Surprisingly, it brought me good health, high income, better appearance, and comfortable life. I had a chance to join a 7-star trip. In only a few years, I achieved 1 Million Dollar Circle by investing my heart and my belief.