Chanida Mahadumrongkul Aura-ek & Natthanun Suksriwong & Taksa Aura-ek



Circle of Excellence I
1year Presidential Director


Nu Skin constantly help to improve myself, attitude, communication, time management, goal settings, and business mindset. This business cannot be measured by your income, but from the people you help to become successful, with this, wealth will soon follow.


Many people today realize about the insecurity and the pain from being employee, they want to have a business of their own. These people should look at Nu Skin because Nu Skin is a sharing business, it is a business for good people, and a good community. If you do this business right, it will be a win-win situation for everybody.


Many people asked me how I can still do this business, even after 10 years of countless refusals, bad words, tiredness, disagreement, and most important of all, the fear that build up inside me. The thing which had kept me moving is ‘Believe’, 100% believe that Nu Skin is the answer to my dreams, and from my optimism, when you cut the ‘No’, you will be left with all the positives. Nu Skin is a wise choice for those who wants to work hard for a period of time and spend the rest of their life enjoying their freedom, and spend time with those you love.


I have been true to my words since the beginning and I have proved myself by making a decision and move forward. The success is within your reach, keep on going, and don’t stop until you reach your goals.