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Trin Vichaidith  & Jirawan Vichaidith
10 Million Dollar Circle

“What will happen, if we have to be an employee for another 10 years?” Surely, you will have not enough money for your everyday life, gas fee, accommodation fee, housing and food, medical fee or even tuition fee your children, if you have.

“What will happen, if we own a store for another 10 years?” You will absolutely have no chance to take a rest. If you stop, all income will stop as well. However, the expenses still run. You will still need to pay for bills, staff, stocking etc. or you may get broke.

What about choosing Nu skin? Surely it gives you secure, you also don’t have to change your job often anymore. Besides, in business term, people who are looking for financial opportunity but don’t want to take risks suit Nu Skin best. However, nothing is better than the freedom which Nu Skin provided. People who choose Nu Skin will get freedom, freedom to choose what you want to do, freedom to go where you want to go and freedom to buy what you  what to buy. Besides, you can also take good care of your family members and at the same time, you can help donate some of your commission to children with heart disease   at least one person a month. Moreover, you can have chance to train yourself, physically and emotionally those lead you to your own success story and make you have no worries about you own financial as well as your family members.

Imagine if you have income monthly which the amount is as much as you win1st prize lottery every month, what are   you going to do with them? It is unbelievable that lots of people who win lottery spend all their money quickly. Some are even worse by being in debt. These things happen because those people do not have a belief of success in their heart, so they did not get trained and did not encountered some important lesson in their lives. What I am trying to ay is I’m asking everyone to be well trained and follow these 5 steps seriously.

  1. Have a dream: dream of what you want, what you want to feel and make it realistic.
  2. Decided to follow your long term plan, middle term plan and short term plan, without giving up.
  3. Be faithful and do not decrease the level of your faith.
  4. Hard working, focus on result, do not expect that everything will be perfect, just take action and see the results.
  5. Be a model, and make others follow you. Action speaks louder than word. 

Nu Skin pays a thousand to ten thousand to people who sell their products, but pay hundred thousand to millions to leaders. Real leaders must create leader. Real leaders create solution not problems and be responsible. Besides, leaders don’t blame on others, neither their sponsors nor down line or even their prospects or their life. Whatever bad things happen in life, leaders must overcome it and pull themselves back gracefully. Everyone can be a better person, do more than what you did and leverage your own power.

*To qualify for any pin level you must meet all requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan, including retail sales. For a complete summary of the Sales Compensation Plan please contact the company at 800-487-1000 or go to

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