Daniel & Tracy Liu

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Daniel & Tracy Liu 1 MDC, MAR 11

"Never Never Never Give up."

    Confidence in the product: use Nu Skin products as much as possible. When you use the product and feel good. You can get a good story and can share others to listen better than you remember, but without ever taking it.
    Confidence in the company: the annual financial report. Attended as many Success Seminar as possible to see others and company successful. In particular, the Nu Skin has been recognized as a universal it increases the confidence in this business without hesitation.
    Have confidence in yourself, find the potential and motivation. We must learn how to create a strong force of inspiration to ourselves. Learn how to do business successfully by reading more books. Always check in the company to see how others work. Dedicated to what you’re doing. Try to talk to your upline. Attend more training seminars on a regular basis.
3 ways to help downline to be successful.
    A good example is to get higher pin title as quickly as possible so and set target to yourself, such as in the short term we need an Ruby executive level or to be Emeralds within 2 years. For long term, such as we need to be Blue Diamond in the next 3-4 years and the Elite team within 5-7 years and try to hit your goal you set.

    Take adownline to join a company events such as Success Seminar, training and incentive trip to meet upline more often. Meet and exchange point of views with successful people to see how they dedicate to their work.

    Referrals to help find out why Nu Skin, and allows them to target a dream motivation, their own needs. What we really need, freedom, travel, security income, home, a comfortable car or a good education for their children. The answer is “Nu Skin”.
6 Important things that have to remember.
Try to use products as much as possible.
Attend as many seminars as possible.
Find your own need. And inspire.
Dare to do, and make a decision only once.
Set goals and manage time with upline.
Promise to yourself that you’ll work everyday.
    Although we do have a certain goal. In case that you begin work on a regular basis every day but still cannot conquer a goal in the Blue Diamond or Team Elite, remember that Nu Skin is a long term business. Do not be discouraged and hopeless.

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