Puangpaka Amatamahutana

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Puangpaka Amatamahutana 1 MDC, Mar 11

"Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes of your goals"

"Everyone can be successful if they know what your dream is"


    After I have graduated in Master Degree from U.S.A, I came back to work with well-known computer company for couple years. At that time, my second child had the health problem, so I had to resign from my permanent job to take care of my children and helped my family business.

    When I was doing my family business, my sister asked me why I didn't take good care of my skin. I always used only well known cosmetic products until my relative introduced me to use Nu Skin. After I had used it, many people told me that my face was looking better.


    Many of my friends followed me to use Nu Skin and got very good result, too. In the meantime, I was looking for a business which I could have time freedom. So I decided to study about Nu Skin and found out that Sales Compensation plan was very fair and I strongly believed in Nu Skin products.

    I am glad that I can hit my goal at the time I have planned. It seems like I can reach the top of the hill even though I'm so tired but I'm also happy. I have forgotten all of difficulties. I would like everyone to keep on trying to reach the top of the hill. Don't give up!. When you reach there, you will know how happy it is.


    I had set up the target and stick with it. I always tell my upline and downlines for our target to walk together to our destination.


    Finally, I would like to tell everyone that you could be successful in Nu Skin business if you have your own dream until it becomes commitment. Then, just walk with confidence, keep working hard, have consistency and you could achieve your goal. Follow your dream and you will be the next sucessor.

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