Anapat & Tanyaras Sethasitkul

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Anapat & Tanyaras Sethasitkul 1 MDC, Mar 11

Nothing is impossible

Why Nu Skin

    Khun Chantrawan wanted to find something worthwhile to do during her spare time which she has a lot of because of the nature of her job. Most of her spare time, she spent on travelling and shopping. She said that she received 2 interesting job opportunities; one of them is Nu Skin.


    She then chose Nu Skin as she is impressed on the products and the company vision. Moreover she felt happy, as this business needed no high investment, and has very little risk unlike the other business opportunity.


    She enjoys learning new things and she is proud of how she has grown as a person and as an entrepreneur because of Nu Skin more importantly she is happy that at Nu Skin, she and her husband Khun Paisith, can work together.


Impression in Business

    Khun Paisith and Khun Chantrawan said they have more new friends who come from different types of business, different ages and different experiences. Every day they can develop their EQ (Emotional Quotient), while using very good products. Khun Chantrawan is impressed with the products and receives much good feedback from other people. For any reasons above, she was very confident in sharing both products and business to others. Their proudest moments are when their downlines become successful themselves.


Business Challenges

    Because Khun Chantrawan loves her current job; she has to manage her time working and doing Nu Skin at the same time. It's critical for her to arrange her daily and monthly schedules. The thing that she gets from doing this is she could see the value and the importance of time.


What she got from this business

    She thought that she is capable of doing other things other than her routine job. She always say that we could do anything even if is sometimes difficult if we have strong commitment and if we are happy in what we are doing. She also said that this business gave her a chance to share excellent products to people around her together with wonderful business opportunity. Before Nu SKin she randomly purchases any products in the market until she found Nu Skin product. Nu Skin products could prove the statement "Beauty from the heart", as we feel happy when we see others are happy, too.


Personal suggestion

    They would like other distributors to understand and see the value of this business. This business has its own nature for you to learn and accept. Give it your best try. Sooner or later, you win be satisfied with the results specially you have dedication in this Business. Khun Chantrawan also says that this business deals with "human". We learn how to deal with many kinds of people and we get many experiences from them. And she finally says,


"NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE". Eeverybody can be successful in Nu Skin business.

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