Chaunchom Maunpasitporn & Ratanaporn sangasang & Chana Lohasaptawee

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Chaunchom Maunpasitporn & Ratanaporn sangasang & Chana Lohasaptawee 1 MDC, Mar 10

"Do it every single day."

    "We are the explorers of our destination. Don't give up. We all have the same distance to travel to reach our goal."


K.Chaunchom graduated in the Bachelor Degree of Medical Science at Chiangmai University and Master Degree of Biological Technology at University of Chulalongkorn. Now, she works as a government officer at Blood Division of Chulalongkorn hospital.


    K.Ratanaporn graduated in dentistry at Sukhothaithammathiraj. Now, she works in the governments' dental department at Somdejprasangkharaj hospital in Ayudhaya province.


    "Product using impression made me decide to start Nu Skin business. I can see the differences from other products. I am so excited to share the products with my relatives, friends and others. I saw the business opportunity which no limit of time. With our two hands in Nu Skin, we could make great worldwide business. I decided to cherish my future with Nu Skin Enterprises Inc.

    The working principle is to introduce these products to the prospects all the time, to attend the meeting to develop yourself, to encourage your self-confidence and to help your downlines to succeed. We must hand in hand growing. Coach them to be the good leaders. It is beyond my success to see my downline achievements.

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