Ratchadawan Ingkawimonsri & Soncedar Teanpakkul

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Ratchadawan Ingkawimonsri and Soncedar Teanpakkul 1 MDC, Dec 08

"Nothing can be happened without dream."


    Goal setting is important for success. Every success, without target is like a boat without engine.


    We set our goal that we will requalify Team Elite every year. Because of this title, we have plenty of time to share with others.


    We achieved our goal in this year and we plan that next year we will achieve goal again. We know how to save this title and know our income will increase. We will not stop or step back even there’re obstacles waiting for us.


    There’re flooding in Thailand in this year. Many business is collapse, many unemployed but there’re many business grow and getting bigger because rich man always knows how to grab the opportunity and have no fear for problems which happen to themselves and their family. 


    We and our team always grab the opportunity. We won’t desperate even our house was flooded. Nu Skin always be there, we are so lucky. We went out to upcountry to find new downline.


    We know that we have own duties, we always have hope and grab opportunity for our family, for those we love and our future.

We can see each in our organization success and believe that everyone who chooses Nu Skin will get this opportunity. God bless you.

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